Some fun Anth stuff in the news: first americans & a lost colony

So these aren’t breaking news headlines. That comes part when you drag your toes trying to start a new blog project. Anyway. I’ve had these articles opened since I found them with the intent on sharing them. And now I get to do just that.

These two topics have been a source of disagreement.

From Genome analysis pins down arrival and spread of first Americans
Ancient AmericansThe belief that the first populations of Americans came over from Asia via Serbia (aka via the land bridge between Russia and Alaska) is not a new one. Or one that’s too terribly controversial. However there’s been alternative theories that there may have been multiple migrations to the Americas — that possibly the Polynesians or Europeans might factor into the ancestry of Native American groups. These new findings dispel that, and honestly, sequencing ancient genomes is 1) awesome, and 2) exciting.

From NatGeo: We finally have clues to how America’s lost colony vanished
Roanoke If you’re into any sort of historical mysteries or conspiracy theories (or just bad archaeology/history tv shows), then you may have heard of the lost colony of Roanoke. This was the English’s first colony on the states — hoping to chase the riches the Spanish (Cortés) had found with the Mayans. However, it was unsuccessful — even after 2 attempts. Drought/lack of resources plus not so great relations with the local native tribes. When the leader of their expedition, John White, returned to the colony after its second attempt, he found it deserted. It’s been a complete mystery concerning what happened to this colony. And if you know of Roanoke, you’ve probably heard of Croatoan. And if you’re up on things, you may have heard of John White’s map. We’ll, this is the continuation of that adventure.