People on the move: Deportation & Migration

The movement of people has been in the news a lot lately. Starting with the actual and current movement of people fleeing everything that’s happening in Syria (among other countries), and going to discussed purposed movement of the threat to deport immigrants to the US by presidential candidates. Which is where I’m going to start…

From NPR: Mass deportation sounds unlikely, but it’s happened before
Mexican DeportationAs much as I would love to just ignore him, Donald Trump’s presidential bid is hard to miss. One of the claims he’s made is that he will deport all 11 million illegal immigrants including their children who were born here in the states (and who our constitution explicitly protect). Stuff like this sounds awesome to the racist bigots, but thankfully it’s realistic (or legal). Anyway, in light of all of this, NPR is sharing some of our less great history of when in the 1930s and 40s the US deported up to 2 million Mexican and Mexican Americans — most of whom were actually US citizens. It’s another one of our embarrassing moments. And sadly, these prejudices are still thriving in some areas of our nation.

From NPR: The European Migrant Crisis & Syrian Refugees
Syrian RefugeesI couldn’t pick on article here. There’s just a lot to take in here. Hundreds of thousands of migrants have tried to enter Europe. It’s hard to know what to do about a situation like this. In the US, we’re isolated from this whole thing by a big damn ocean. We have a hard time understanding this because of our Western privilege. We haven’t known terror that drives a person to leave everything behind, to leave their homes, to risk their lives, just for a small hope of a better life. Just because there’s that big damn ocean between us, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care or want to find a way to help them achieve that better life.